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When you Stand in your Power of Truth and Integrity,
you create a new Abundance which flows to direct and secure you.
Even if it means Letting Go of what you thought was important.
Let go and serve your Higher Obedience, this will create a freedom for you to pursue your True Purpose.
Rochelle Miller





Welcome Rochelle's official website


Awaken your Consciousness to All that You Are, and All that Is.

You are an Essence of your Creator, you are One with All that Is - there is no seperation. The Power is Within, Rochelle helps you find that.

She is passionate about assisting in one's Transformational process, to find your Life Purpose and create More Peace, Abundance and Happiness.

"Guiding your Life with Light, holding your Light with Love"


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With humbleness and bursting love and light, I want to thank you with all my soul for always believing in me, supporting me, lifting and pushing me in the right direction. Your guidance has always been valuable and appreciated. Your gentle and blissful nature always makes me feel loved and instantly puts me into a calmer space. You truly live your life purpose in shining your light on all those you touch and in turn help them see their light. You are a TRUE living example of the statement: öne person can make a difference”! Love and blessings always to you and your family. I’ve said this before, words cannot express my gratitude enough but the least I can do is try to express it. Warm hug and big kiss! - Chetna


I AM all that I need, the power is within me. I AM LIGHT I AM LOVE I AM COMPLETE I AM because I am One with the Divine Light I AM all that I need. ~Rochelle Miller ~
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